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Validate your Nonprofit.

WikiCharities wants to help nonprofits be transparent, accountable, and improve partnerships by sharing information that can help show their mission, activity, and impact. All nonprofits will receive a Charity Profile Page where information will be organized around four areas; 

We will soon be validating registered U.S. based 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations.  All eligible nonprofits are invited to participate in the validation process.  Our first area of focus will be outreaching to nonprofits combating human trafficking, and any related topics, such as - 1) the prevention of human trafficking, 2) helping current victims, and 3) those nonprofits providing the much needed services to survivors of human trafficking. Please let us know if you have any questions as we expand our features to better serve you.  

Areas of Validation

General Information
Section 1.

This section includes up-to-date contact information and a list of nonprofit related focus areas, allowing for nonprofits to be searchable by topic.

Philosophy & Approach
Section 2.

This section shows a nonprofit's mission & vision statements along with short-term/long-term goals, partnerships, and collaborative efforts.

Financial Health
Section 3.

This section asks for the latest financial statements and information around funders, fundraising and financial goals.

Section 4.

This section will show the latest annual report or we will help a nonprofit create an annual report through stories, images and videos.

Validation Process

Step 1

Claim Your Nonprofit.

All registered U.S. based nonprofits are automatically uploaded to WikiCharities.  Search for your nonprofit by name and location and go through the prompts to claim your nonprofit.

Make sure to list all words, topics, and areas of focus your nonprofit addresses.  This will help those you serve find your services faster and more effectively.


Step 2

Complete the Validation Application. 

All nonprofits will be validated based on 4 areas of focus; general information, philosophy & approach, financial health, and impact. 

Once your nonprofit is validated, you can use the seal of validation to promote on your website, social media feeds, and to encourage people to visit your Charity Profile Page. 

get validated 

Step 3

 Create your Charity Profile Page.   

Once your nonprofit's validation is approved, you will receive a Charity Profile Page that includes -  

1) linking your social media feeds,
2) donation links to increase giving,
3) listing partnerships,
4) showing your leadership team,

and more...

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Currently, all U.S. based nonprofits can use WikiCharities for FREE at the basic level.  This includes getting a Charity Profile Page where you can upload a logo, banner and list the most recent general information (contact information, address, phone).  Check back with us in the near future for the ability to add international nonprofits to our platform. 

All validated nonprofits get a full Charity Profile Page where nonprofits have the ability to connect social media platforms, donation links, list team members, board members, impact reports, and more.   There is an annual validation fee associated with the validation process. These funds are used to maintain the WikiCharities platform.  We hope to use some of those funds in the future to help fund collaborative projects from validated nonprofits.

Step 1

claim your nonprofit


A claimed nonprofit shows that you are actively in service and your information is up-to-date. 

All U.S. based nonprofits are encouraged to claim their nonprofit and update their information.  Nonprofits have the ability to enter all focus areas and topics that their nonprofit focuses on.  This will allow your nonprofit to be searchable on WikiCharities by topic, location and name.    

Claimed nonprofits will receive a basic Charity Profile Page where logo, banner, and basic contact information can be added.

claim your nonprofit

Step 2

get validated

Annual Fee

$99 Annual Fee - Small nonprofits - annual revenue under $1 million.

$199 Annual Fee - Medium/Larger nonprofits - annual revenue over $1 million.

Nonprofits will receive a Charity Profile Page where transparency can be shown by listing leadership team members, board members, partners, funders, and more.  Charities will be able to upload documents and attach links to their social media pages. All nonprofits will receive their own internal URL link to their Charity Profile Page, which is designed to be used as a nonprofit's sole website if needed.

Validated nonprofits will have access to tools:

  • Easily update general information
  • List Leadership - Team Members, Board Members, Partnerships, Financial Statements/Annual Reports, and more.
  • Link social media platforms and direct donation links
  • Access to project funding page.
  • Ability to endorse other nonprofits, and flag any concerns.
get validated