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Nonprofit organizations contribute a great deal to a community.  And we know how hard nonprofit leaders and volunteers work to improve the world around them. WikiCharities wants to help!  

Creating partnerships to make a bigger impact!

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Nonprofits searchable by topic & location!

WikiCharities aims to have nonprofits globally be searchable by topic and location.  Nonprofits will have control of their Charity Profile Page where contact information can be updated, latest projects posted and links to vetting organizations, social media platforms and more.  We look forward to helping nonprofits improve transparency as they help those in need. 

California & Utah

Focus Locations

WikiCharities "Phase I" lists all nonprofits in the following locations:

1- San Francisco Bay Area, California
2- Greater Salt Lake Area, Utah

You can view these nonprofits on the home page of our website:

Human Trafficking + Related Events

Focus Topics

We are focusing our efforts in getting all nonprofits who work in anti-human trafficking efforts (and any related field) to be searchable on WikiCharities. 

Related fields include homeless shelters, foster care, trauma-centers, medical clinics, prevention programs, aftercare services, and more.

What nonprofits should know.

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  1. Create a log-in profile.
  2. Claim your nonprofit.  
  3. Update / add content to your Charity page. Be sure to add focus topics so you will be searchable on the map.
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Get Validated 

  • WikiCharities aims to show what vetting and rating organizations have reviewed a nonprofit in one place.  
  • We want to help nonprofit organizations show their accountability and transparency on their own WikiCharities Charity Page, where easy links to these vetting organizations will be posted.
  • WikiCharities will also provide a validation for smaller U.S.-based nonprofit organizations and any nonprofit based outside the United States.  This certification allows a nonprofit to post their mission, goals and updated program activities to show their transparency to build trust.

Get Connected

WikiCharities allows your nonprofit to:

  • Be searchable by location and topic
  • Create your own WikiCharities Profile page
  • Show your accountability on your Charity page with links, images, updates and more
  • Connect with other nonprofits, experts and groups in your same field
  • Collaborate with other nonprofits, researchers and community groups in your same community
  • And more

We look forward to the journey ahead!

Nonprofit Spotlights


Your idea for this online platform is brilliant. My biggest issue when I have trafficked victims is the lack of resources out there or that I know of.