Who We Are

Connect. Validate. Collaborate.

WikiCharities is a better way for nonprofits to connect, show their accountability, and increase collaboration to improve outcomes.

Find Charities

Improve connection to quality nonprofits by providing a way to look up services by location and topic.

Get Validated

Increase nonprofit accountability by showing who vetting a nonprofit and validating nonprofits globally.

Collaborate With Others

Provide a more effective way for nonprofits, researchers and community leaders to collaborate.

Our Mission

To provide an online platform where quality charities-

1- are searchable by location and topic,
2- show accountability, and
3- can increase collaboration and access to other tools 

to more effectively improve the world.

Our Vision

Realizing the full potential of the nonprofit sector—by creating a database for universal access to nonprofit services, accountability in the nonprofit sector, and—to drive a new era of connection and collaboration.

Better Connections.
Transparent Validations.
Improving Collaborations.