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Why Don't Victims Of Human Trafficking Get Help?

Stop Human Trafficking & Exploitation

Educate yourself.

Now & Next
Speaker Series

A monthly digital gathering - 2nd Thursday/month - hosted by World Without Exploitation, features movement leaders and opinion shapers to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

OnWatch Training
Training Videos

OnWatch is designed to train and educate people to recognize the signs of human trafficking—and to know how to respond when they see something

TraffickCam: Travel App
Get Involved

TraffickCam helps fight trafficking by uploading photos of your hotel room. These photos will be used to determine where perpetrators of sex trafficking are committing their crimes.

National Human Trafficking Hotline
Numbers by Country

When starting to fight trafficking, the first thing to know is where to get help when you need it.
USA: 1-888-373-7888
Text HELP to "INFO to BeFree" at 233 73 3.